BreakOut to break through...

BreakOutSpaces offer office space for hourly rental.

Private work space for as low as $2200JM per hour.

These offices are open to anyone who would love a space for meetings or individual work without the high expense of monthly rental. 

The space has three well designed private offices and each office has a unique decor. The offices at BreakOut Spaces are spacious, comfortable and can accommodate groups of 2-5 people. 

Rate: $2,200 JM hourly

Day rate $14,600

The Facilities

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    Distraction-free space

    BreakOut spaces is not a public co-working environment.  It is a place to focus and is free from the distraction of noise and people. 

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    Equipped for productivity

    High speed WIFi is available 

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    Entrance to the facility is through a buzz in door and security is stationed at entrance.  

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    Waiting room

    A large waiting area for clients and guests. 

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    Great location

    BreakOut Spaces is located on 17 Ripon Road. Close to NCB, Heart Trust, JN Financial Center, Pegasus hotel and Marriott Hotel. Close to New Kingston, Half way Tree and Cross Roads.

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    Each room has  lounge chairs and a desk with chairs and comfortably seats at least five people. 

Perfect for therapists, life, health and business coaches, lawyers, counselors, small team meetings and anyone who needs a space for an hour, several hours or a day.

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We provide office spaces for hourly rental. It is not a co -working site with hot desk etc. We provide private offices that are comfortable, attractive to encourage focus and productivity whether individually or in collaboration with others. Conversely it can also be a space for quiet contemplation out of your busy day or away from your office.

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